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Through Our Eyes

Exhibit Dates

September 14 - December 28

The 30th Anniversary of Through Our Eyes is officially upon us. This season we are highlighting Founder Lydia P. Stewart's impact in creating Through Our Eyes by inviting artists who have a history in Jacksonville to share a small body of (past and present) work that can highlight his/her progression over the years. Through Our Eyes will encompass the long history of the art scene in Jacksonville, and give respect to those who have been dedicated to this work as we continue to see the art scene flourish.

Join us at "The Playground," a community day, every 3rd Sunday of the month. The Playground will encompass a day of various workshops, panel discussions, poetry sessions, live paintings, free entry into the museum, and more. Fun for the whole family! Check out the schedule for The Playground below.

Sept 14 | Opening Reception

  • VIP Members only plated dinner. Non-members can purchase a plate.
  • Members will receive a guided tour of the permanent exhibit.
  • Singer Akia Uwanda will also be hosting the night.
  • A few words from the artists.
  • Live music throughout the night PLUS MORE!
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