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B2wins Music: Reimagined

Feb 29, 2024 | 8:00 PM


B2wins present - Music: Reimagined

"Exciting, hilarious, uplifting and pure JOY!" - American Entertainment Magazine

Fun loving Twin brothers present "Top 40 From the Last 40." Four decades of the music you know and love with a unique twist. Get ready to sing, dance, laugh and take your soul on a feel good ride through the chart topping hits of American Music. This unforgettable, engaging show is all ages and features one of a kind renditions of everything from Elvis to Ed Sheeran, Bon Jovi to Dua Lipa, Louis Armstrong to Guns n Roses and countless other timeless hits, all crafted in a non-stop thrill experience of music and happiness fans across America are calling "the must see show of the season!"

Growing up in the violent, impoverished slums of Rio De Janeiro, these Twin brothers began playing classical music on violins their father hand made. Using music as an escape from their reality, they began teaching others in their neighborhood to do the same. After being featured on National Public Radio, the Twins were invited to the US on full ride music scholarships. After performing over 1,000 shows globally, they continue to cultivate a loyal fan base wherever they perform. Using music, the B2wins are on a mission to spread kindness and make the world smile.


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