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Dream in Color

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Dangerous Curves Jacksonville presents Dream in Color hosted by Karen Washington, The Voice. Their Mission is to "Empower Plus Size Women" to recognize her internal and external beauty by celebrating her unique essence through fashion events, workshops, and seminars that address health, fitness, fashion, beauty and style aimed at increasing a positive self image. Company Profile We serve the community by providing low cost and/or free workshops to connect women with the health, wellness, fitness and beauty/fashion industry. DCJ provides a platform to learn about good nutrition, disease prevention, lifestyle modifications as well as other culturally appropriate self-improvement activities. Our ultimate goal is to foster change in how women view health and lifestyle choices by encouraging them to take daily steps to improve the overall quality of their life. DCJ is committed to serving the entire community. To do this, we'd like to partner with other organizations that have an interest in seeing the health of our improve. These partnerships are an essential component of our grassroots approach because they allow us to organize our efforts across the community, coordinate resources, and broaden the impact of our services.


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