Audition Dates and Guidelines

Amateur Night AUDITION DATES for FALL 2014

*All auditions times are from 5:00-6:15pm. 

Thursday, September 11th

Thursday, October 9th

Thurday, November 13th


*Additional auditions may be scheduled as needed.

Ritz Amateur Night Audition Guidelines

1. There is no charge to audition for Amateur Night at the Ritz.

2. Singers may NOT audition a ccapella (without music). They must provide their own accompaniment soundtrack or musician to play for them. No exceptions. We repeat, no exceptions.  A piano, CD player and Mp3 player will be provided.

3. Performers must arrive on time and with all appropriate costumes/materials/music. Late arrivals may be disqualified from auditioning or performing.

4. All performers who are a part of the act must appear and audition. This includes all members of a dance team, or the accompanist for a singer. If they do not appear for auditions, they cannot compete as a part of your act.

5. Auditions are closed to the viewing public.

6. Auditioners may not bring guests, friends, or family into the backstage area at any time. The only exception is for minors or groups of minors. Only one (1) adult or guardian is permitted inside the building for auditions per minor or group of performing minors. Family, friends, and well-wishers will not be permitted inside the audition area.

7. No food or drink of any kind is allowed on stage or in the theatre.

8. Auditions begin promptly at 5:00pm. Doors will not open until that time.

9. Performers enter and exit on Madison Street at the backstage entrance.  

10. No smoking of any kind on the premises.  

11. Respect for other performers, administrators and staff is expected at all times from auditioners and family members or supporters. Any behavior—verbal or otherwise—that is deemed to be disrespectful or inappropriate will result in the auditioning person/group being immediately dismissed and disqualified from the show  

12. No profanity, sexually explicit subject matter, or questionable subject matter permitted. No exceptions. Director/Producer makes the final decision as to what is acceptable.  

13. All auditioning performers must be amateurs. This means they are not professionals, nor are they engaged in the performance of their talent for financial benefit or professional reasons.

14. Amateur Night is a variety talent competition. We accept a wide variety of acts, including singers, dancers (solo & group), mime acts, comedians, rappers, solo instrumentalists (restrictions apply. See rule #15), spoken word performers, and others. If you are unsure if your act is appropriate for our show, please call and ask.

15. No band acts accepted. No solo or group drumming acts accepted.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Amateur Night Coordinator at the Ritz Theatre and Museum at (904)632-5555 or chatton@coj.net.


Amateur Night

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Amateur Night At Ritz