ritz Youth Institute

Young Black Intellectuals (YBI)

The Young Black Intellectuals (YBI) is a culturally and historically rich program using a workshop/seminar and experiential program format incorporating film, video, museum collections, archives and artistic performances to explore works of all aspects of Black history, art and culture. Sessions will be facilitated by scholars, authors, business leaders, performing artists, visual artists, writers, designers, politicians, lawyers and specialists in a variety of fields.

**Check back here for the latest information on the next YBI 2012 Session!**

Recruitment and Selection

YBI candidates must be in the 9th-12th grade and be interested in exploring the history, culture and heritage of the Black world to enhance their personal development and intellectual foundation. The application process includes a written statement of interest in the program and an interview. Applications must be completed by the established deadline for each session. The enrollment fee is $150.00 per student. Scholarships are available on need-based request. Printable applications will be available at the Ritz Theatre and Museum and on this website prior to each session.

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